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I always offer a free initial consultation in the first instance. This is completely confidential and gives you a chance to meet me and be sure you feel comfortable working with me, to find out more about hypnotherapy and how/why it works, the different types of hypnotherapy, and ask all the questions you need. It also gives me a chance to take a full history and be able to discuss the best approach for you in your circumstances.

If you are looking for Hypnotherapy Exeter or in Torquay, You can come to either of my Hypnotherapy Clinics.

Please be assured, there is never any pressure to make a decision then and there; you can go away and have a think about it and make an informed choice.

Building Self Confidence & Self Esteem

There are very many different causes for low self-confidence or low self-esteem.

It often manifests itself in problems such as:

  • Pre-test nerves
  • Exam nerves
  • Meeting a partner
  • Difficulty meeting new people
  • Job interviews
  • Public speaking
  • Presentations
  • Driving test nerves
  • Stage fright
  • Social Phobia / Social Anxiety
  • Fear of rejection
  • Sexual Problems
  • Lack of confidence
  • Negatively comparing ourselves with others
  • Body Dysmorphia
  • Feeling unable to follow our dreams
  • Commitment Phobia
  • Fear of driving

Building Self Esteem

Hypnotherapy (hypnoanalysis) can help with increasing self confidence and self esteem

There are different types of hypnotherapy, and either clinical hypnotherapy or pure hypnoanalysis can be used, depending on your particular symptoms and history. Both may significantly help you in these particular situations and increase and boost your self confidence and your self esteem.