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I always offer a free initial consultation in the first instance. This is completely confidential and gives you a chance to meet me and be sure you feel comfortable working with me, to find out more about hypnotherapy and how/why it works, the different types of hypnotherapy, and ask all the questions you need. It also gives me a chance to take a full history and be able to discuss the best approach for you in your circumstances.

If you are looking for Hypnotherapy Exeter or in Torquay, You can come to either of my Hypnotherapy Clinics.

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Hypnobirthing – Hypnosis for Childbirth

Bring your child into the world peacefully and naturally with Hypnotherapy

Mother & Baby

More and more mums are discovering the incredible power of hypnobirthing in the UK and learning how to give birth more easily and naturally, gaining all the benefits hypnobirthing brings. It is perfect for those wishing a quicker, easier, more relaxed birth or even a natural birth. With hypnobirthing there is often less need for drugs and sometimes none at all are needed.

When you are very relaxed, pain is reduced (pain intensifies when scared, or tense) and knowing how to release your natural anaesthesia can lessens it again and because you are able to remain so relaxed, and use the breathing techniques, your contractions (surges) are more efficient and so birthing is often far quicker and easier.

It is great for first-time Mums and Mums who have already had children (and maybe had a less than positive experience before). You can start to learn hypnobirthing anytime from about 24 weeks onwards. However, it is never too late to start; even at 38 weeks!

There are two ways to learn Hypnobirthing with me:

Read more about hypnobirthing

There are so many wonderful benefits to hypnobirthing attributed to hypnobirthing including:Pregnant women

  • Reduction of time in labour using hypnotherapy or hypnobirthing
  • Using hypnosis reduces the first stage of your labour by about 3-4 hours if you are a first-time mother and about 2 hours if you are mother who has given birth before
  • Less analgesic drug (if any) using hypnotherapy or hypnobirthing
  • It is frequently found that no painkillers are required as the only sensations you experience are movement and pressure or tightening, this is obviously much better for both you and your baby
  • A calm, peaceful birthing experience without the need for strenuous pushing
  • Because you are in control, you can gently and calmly breathe your child into the world without the need for strenuous pushing; it is a calm, beautiful and peaceful way for you to give birth.
  • A less stressed baby who is able to feed more easily and sleep better
  • Babies born with hypnosis are less stressed which means they often cry less, sleep and feed better and generally are calmer, because your baby has also enjoyed a calm, peaceful entry into the world.
  • A less exhausted mother after birth
  • Because you have been so relaxed and calm during birth, most women feel less mentally and physically exhausted, and even look fit and well afterwards.
  • More rapid post-natal recovery
  • Episiotomies are rarely required due to the relaxation during the final stages of labour without hard, anxious pushing
  • Birthing partners have an active role to play during the birth
  • Instead of your birthing partner being a helpless onlooker, they play a central and important role during birth, helping you to use the techniques you have both learned.

How hypnosis for childbirth works - a natural childbirth with hypnobirthing

Your body has been perfectly designed to give birth! This programme teaches you about the mechanics of childbirth and how to work with your body by relaxing deeply, breathing in certain ways to help it, and letting it do its most perfect work. Hypnosis is a completely natural state of relaxed concentration which you can easily learn.

Pain control using hypnosis

Hypnosis was first recognised by the British Medical Association in 1955 as a valuable medical tool. In terms of pain relief, it is used in many medical and dental treatments and operations with great success. Channel 4, having investigated this, broadcast live on TV an operation on a man who used only self-hypnosis to successfully anesthetise himself, and he remained calm and pain-free throughout!

Pain control during birth using hypnosis

The programme takes these same techniques to teach you not only to relax but how to numb your body at will as and when you wish so that you feel only pressure or movement but little or no pain.

By learning these techniques you can remove any anxiety you may have about giving birth which is very important as anxiety creates fear, fear creates tension and tension creates pain, which in turn creates more anxiety and so on ....

Hypnobirthing Classes

Private Hypnobirthing Classes in Devon child

My private hypnobirthing classes will teach you everything you need to know in order to hypnobirth. They are highly practical and there is a real emphasis on guided practice as this is a great way to learn easily!

If you are based in the Devon area and would like personal teaching and practice with a clinical hypnotherapist then this is the programme for you! If you are outside of Devon or prefer to learn at home, then my Hypnobirthing Programme would be ideal for you.

My private hypnobirthing classes consist of five sessions, held at my beautiful Southernhay Clinic in Exeter, or Torquay Your birthing partner can also attend most of the sessions and I encourage them to do so wherever possible.

They classes are backed up by all the CD’s and Guide from my Hypnobirthing CD Programme (this is complimentary when attending my private classes). The CDs are used between sessions to practice and during birth itself. If your birth partner cannot attend the sessions for whatever reason, they can use this pack to learn too in their own time!

Whist my hypnobirthing classes are highly practical, I also spend time on the ‘theory’, explaining all the techniques and what is happening physically during birth and how/why the techniques help your body to give birth. The more you understand what you are doing and WHY you are doing it, the easier it becomes and the more you can gain all the benefits of hypnobirthing

Because you are very relaxed, the pain is reduced (pain intensifies when scared, or tense) and then knowing how to release your natural anaesthesia it lessens again and because you are able to remain so relaxed, and use the breathing techniques, your contractions (surges) are more likely to efficient and so birthing can be far quicker and easier.

Session 1: in-depth consultation with you and your birth partner to discuss your birthing plan, your hopes and fears, any previous births, your birth partner’s role. I take you through the breathing techniques and how to use the CDs.

Session 2: learning self-hypnosis - both you and your partner experience a guided hypnosis and are taught how to practice on your own with CD1. I give you the whole CD Programme to take home.

(Sessions 1 & 2 are usually taken together)

Session 3: learning how to deepen self-hypnosis and how to reduce or even eliminate pain through natural anaesthesia and how to practice on your own with CD2.

Session 4: review of relaxation, breathing techniques and anaesthesia production and more practice on deepening self-hypnosis and producing your natural anaesthesia.

Session 5: preparing for the birth is the session where everything you have learned comes together. This session is attended only by the mum as it contains powerful suggestions for an easy birth. You are also taught how to practice this at home using CD3.

Hypnobirthing Home Study Program

Bring your child into the world peacefully and naturally with hypnobirthing - MP3's & training book

Pregnant bump

This is one of the most comprehensive hypnobirthing home study programmes on the market!

It has been designed to be very easy and simple to use in the comfort and convenience of your own home and contains everything you need to learn how to hypnobirth, including breathing techniques. No need to attend classes - you have e-mail support too, right up until birth! It includes 5 CD's (MP3's) and training guide book.

The home study Hypnobirthing 5-CD Programme and training guide has been designed and recorded by me, Penny Albertella, a clinical hypnotherapist from the UK, and consists of ALL you need in order to learn the techniques of hypnobirthing without needing to see me or attend hypnobirthing classes. You can gain all the benefits of hypnobirthing without leaving home!

I recommend starting at about 24 weeks onwards. However, it is never too late to start; even at 38 weeks! This wonderful programme can be used again for subsequent births.

It contains the book in PDF form and MP3's to use on your PC or laptop or ready to be transferred to your phone, ipod or MP3 player.

PURCHASE NOW for immediate download - my complete home learning programme - £29.99

Hypnobirthing Training Guide

It contains all you need to support you and guide you through the programme:

What is Hypnosis & Hypnobirthing

The Benefits of Hypnobirthing

Anticipatory Anxiety & Pain

Your Amazing Uterus!

How to use the CD's

The Breathing Techniques

The Role of the Birth Partner

Note to your Midwife/Birthing Team (this explains that Mum may not show any signs of pain or discomfort and therefore may be much more advanced in labour than you might think)

The Hypnobirthing CD 's Program - an Overview
CD1 & CD2 Teach you all the hypnobirthing techniques and build on each other

CD3 Prepares you for a peaceful and easy birth and quick & easy recovery

CD4 Is used during both the first and second stages of labour

CD5 The wonderful relaxing music only

The Hypnobirthing CDs in more detail

CD1 This CD is your starting point to learning how to fall into a calm and peaceful state of relaxation (hypnosis). Both you and your birthing partner use this CD.

It focuses on teaching you how to relax your body and use Relaxation Breathing; both techniques you will practice and use throughout the rest of your pregnancy, whenever you wish to relax, if you have difficulty sleeping, and of course, during labour itself.

It is also there to be used during the post-natal period to relax and refresh even when a little sleep deprived and allows you to enjoy motherhood and remain relaxed, especially important if you choose to breastfeed.

CD 2 Now it's time to learn how to numb your body easily and naturally (flooding your body with natural anaesthetic) and how to deepen your relaxation when you wish. When you are in a state of deep relaxation, time distorts ... every minute seems like just a few seconds .... you can imagine the benefits! This CD contains all that you learnt in CD1 plus the new techniques of numbing and deepening.

CD3 This CD is your birth preparation CD which you use from about 32 weeks. It uses powerful suggestion hypnotherapy and visualisation to prepare your mind and body for an easy, peaceful and natural birth. It will increase your confidence and help you to bond with your baby and use all the techniques you have learnt easily, lessening any subconscious fears you may have had about childbirth.

All the CD's and particularly this one, help you to feel in control and lessen any fears or anxieties you may have. You can use this in conjunction with CD2.

CD4 This CD is ONLY for use during labour and birth; that exciting time when your baby has decided it is time to arrive! The practice you have done is now going to allow you to relax deeply and work with your baby and your body's own natural ability to birth easily.

This CD means I can be with you at any stage during your labour helping you to relax, breathe and work with your body, producing your natural anaesthesia. It contains many powerful, positive suggestions. You do not have to use it of course; you can work by yourself using what you have learned. Track 2 is for use during labour (Stage 1) and Track 3 during birthing (Stage 2) if you wish.hypnobirthing Cds

CD5 This CD contains only the wonderfully relaxing music which is on all the CD's. You can play this over speakers as gentle background music in your place of delivery. Your mind has learned to relax to this music so just hearing it will put you into a wonderful state of relaxation and aid you in deepening your own relaxation. You can use just CD5 or a combination of CD4 and CD5 during your labour and birth.

PURCHASE NOW for immediate download - my complete home learning programme - £29.99

Childbirth Testimonials

Hello Penny

I thought I would let you know the outcome of my birth.  Compared to the birth of my daughter which was so traumatic, I gave birth to my son so easily and quickly.  People around me could not believe how calm and relaxed I was and how I gave birth quietly without any pain relief.  I was told it would be easy but I did not quite believe it would be so fantastic!  Thank you so much for a wonderful CD programme and your e-mail support – SUPERB!!"

K, Bournemouth

"Hi Penny

I would like to thank you so much for your wonderful CD programme.  My partner and I bought it when I was 32 weeks pregnant.  I was worried we had left it too late, but right from listening to the first CD we were able to start self-hypnosis and relaxation breathing.  We moved on quickly through the programme, practising every day.

I cannot believe how everything you said on CD3 and how I envisioned my baby's birth came to be!  The moment my water's broke I went into a state of deep relaxation and by the time my contractions were getting stronger, I numbed my body just like we practised and felt virtually no pain, only the tightening of my womb.  It was incredible.

I breathed with them as taught and it was so easy.  I knew just when the time was right to leave for hospital again as we practised and was ready to give birth just half an hour after arriving.  Our daughter was born so gently there was no tearing and it was just incredible.  I was up and walking around again so quickly looking for all the world as if I had just woken from a refreshing sleep!      

Thank you so much – I have recommended your programme to everyone I meet!  

J & D, Basingstoke

"Hi Penny

When I first met you, I was dreading the whole birth process.  I had heard such horror stories from friends and family.  As you know, initially I buried my head in the sand but by the time I was 28 weeks I was really anxious.  After our first session - what a difference!   I realised I was control; I could do this and trust my body.  ‘N’ was so relieved!

When I went into labour we were so calm!  Our daughter was born just six hours later (much to the surprise of the midwives) and it was such an incredible moment!  I felt in control the whole time and breathed my way through the first stage.  Then, just a few gentle birth breaths and she was there and so beautiful .....    

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance – I just know the outcome would have been very different if I had not contacted you!

H & N, Exmouth