Hypnotherapy MP3 Downloads

All these MP3's have been personally recorded by myself and have been designed for you to use them in the comfort of your own home.

They save you the time and cost of a personal session with me or another hypnotherapist.

You can listen to them at night, first thing in the morning, or any other uniterrupted time you may have. They give you the option of opening your eyes and carrying on with your day or, if it is time to sleep, to drift off to sleep.

Many people fall asleep listening to them because they are so relaxing, but that is OK, because only your conscious mind sleeps, your wonderful subconscious mind (the part I am talking to in the tracks) never sleeps!

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hypnobirthing programme mp3s & pdf downloads

This wonderful programme is the downloadable version of my 5-CD hypnobirthing pack - all the tracks will download as MP3's

The Training Guide will download as a printable pdf file if you wish to print it out.

You can watch my introduction on my hypnobirthing pages.

You can start learning straight away! Don't forget, I am always just an e-mail away for help or advice!


weight loss with hypnosis MP3

lose weight exeter

Lose weight quickly and easily with my weight loss MP3.

Listen to this 2-3 times a week and you will find you quickly change your eating habits quickly and easily without have to use your will-power


deep relaxation with hypnosis MP3

Drift away into a wonderful state of deep relaxation with this guided hypnosis MP3.

You will find yourself feeling less stressed after using it. It is also exceptionally useful to use should you wake at night or have difficulty getting to sleep.