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Emetophobia is a phobia where the sufferer has a tremendous and overwhelming fear of being sick, being sick in public or watching someone else be sick or vomit. Although nobody likes to vomit, or to see others vomiting, those individuals with emetophobia have an extreme preoccupation with vomiting that can severely compromise everyday life. They feel symptoms akin to panic attacks. People that suffer from the fear of being sick are known as Emetophobics or Emetophobes.

Emetophobes tend to be on the lookout for anybody that is even slightly ill in case they come into contact with germs and illness, trying to make sure that there is no way that they can be sick. They can worry about what they eat. Emetophobia can often rule the person's life, dominating their thoughts each and every day. It can and often does turn into a major obsession.

It is interesting that emetophobes are rarely sick themselves. Some report not having been sick since childhood.

I have successfully treated many people with emetophobia, enabling them to lead normal and enjoyable lives, free from these symptoms. See help for emetophobia further down this page.

Some of the more common emetophobia symptoms include the fear of:

Certain jobs and careers
Emetophobes are unable to have a career in which vomiting may be experienced, for example nursing.
Being near children and babies
This fear can include any work or regular contact with young children and babies in nurseries, schools, play areas – or even having babies of one’s own.
due to the possibility of morning sickness
Eating out
Some emetophobes are anxious about eating in restaurants or having take-aways because of Poor hygiene in the preparation of food in the kitchen – and consequent food poisoning, involving vomiting.
Social Activities
Many emetophobes avoid places where there is the possibility of people being drunk. Even a crowded place may increase the risk of being near someone who may vomit.
Being near people who are ill
Anxiety levels can rise when a family member, child or friend is ill – especially if the illness may produce vomiting for any reason.
Some emetophobes avoid travelling on public transport and especially to foreign countries, where food may be unfamiliar. The travelling itself may raise fears of travel sickness.
Out of Date Food or certain foods
avoiding certain foods or worrying about expiry dates of food
particularly cleanliness in the kitchen and watching for any sign of illness in others

There are other symptoms which are related to Emetophobia which can be treated in exactly the same way:

  • Fear of gagging
  • Fear of choking
  • Fear of choking on food

Pure Hypnoanalysis, a special type of hypnotherapy, is one of the best therapies available for treating emetophobia. Some therapies try and provide a quick cure or just try and contain the symptoms.

Pure Hypnoanalysis doesn't try and treat the symptom of your phobia, but to tackle the root cause of it and by going through this quick process many, many clients have changed their lives for the better.

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