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Many people suffer from a fear of driving – many more than you would think. It can be very frightening and very inconvenient.

Fear of Driving affects the way people live and work and, like other phobias, can develop at any point in your life. It can develop in first-time drivers who find it difficult to pass their test, through to very experienced drivers. The feelings of anxiety and panic can be extreme enough to stop them contemplating many journeys and making excuses not to drive – closing their world down.

A lot of the clients I have helped have had very similar driving anxieties. The following list shows the main ones, but there are others

Fear of:traffic jam

  • junctions
  • busy roads
  • certain roads/junctions
  • driving in heavy traffic or multiple lanes
  • losing control of the car
  • having an accident
  • overtaking others on motorways
  • joining motorways
  • motorway driving
  • overwhelming panic
  • driving in bad weather
  • even being a passenger

In some, it is just certain roads, junctions, roundabouts and they are fine at others. Many find they can drive in their local town but cannot drive any distance away from it.

As with fear of flying and other phobias, a fear of driving face, is linked to the fear of being out of control or losing control.

There is a very special type of hypnotherapy Pure Hypnoanalysis that can really help with driving phobia (the fear of driving).

Pure Hypnoanalysis doesn't try and treat the symptom of your phobia, but to tackle the root cause of it and by going through this quick process many, many clients have changed their lives for the better.

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