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hand scratching windowUsing hypnotherapy to treat the fear of flying phobia (aerophobia / Aviophobia / Aviophobia / aviatophobia)

Many people suffer from a fear of flying – nearly 1 in 5 in fact!  Fear of flying can range from mild to severe. From feeling uncomfortable, to being absolutely terrified to the point of having panic attacks.

When it is more at the severe end of the scale it becomes difficult to even be able to get on the plane and some people are not even ALLOWED on by the crew or are REMOVED due to the state they are in.

Some people with this severe fear won't even contemplate flying at all. Some cannot even bear to look at aeroplanes or airports.

Whether mild or severe, it can have the devastating effect of dreading or ruining holidays, never being able to visit relatives who live a long way away, missing weddings or other important events, stopping career moves which involve business trips and much more.

As with a lot of phobias fear of flying is usually symbolic. Fear of flying is rarely a fear of flying itself, at a subconscious level it is a fear of being out of control. What you are experiencing is a primitive reaction to danger called the fight or flight instinct (no pun intended!).

The good news is that it is incredibly easy to loseovercoming fear of flying this fear and be able to fly comfortably and even look forward to flying!  I have helped many people to overcome their fear of flying and fly all over the world when they previously would not even think about booking a holiday or flight.

For most phobias we suggest the use of Pure Hypnoanalysis, but if the fear of flying is not too severe, or it is not accompanied by other fears or phobias in a person’s life then clinical (suggestion) hypnotherapy can also help.

Either way, it is still an incredibly fast, easy method to overcome the help for fear of flying.

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