Help with Frigidity
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sexual Frustration Frigidity is broadly used to refer to a low libido (sex drive) in women. This term is often used incorrectly to describe a woman who is emotionally cold or does not respond to her partner’s sexual advances.

A lack of sexual desire can be psychologically embedded in a person’s subconscious and linked to greater issues that should be addressed. In some cases women may experience low libido and refuse or avoid sexual intimacy or they may endure it without being able to reach orgasm, finding little pleasure in the act.

In other cases, women may have difficulty being aroused or sex may even cause considerable pain or discomfort. Frigidity can sometimes be confused with Vaginismus. But whether the root cause is emotional or physical, frigidity can result in conflict and strain in even the most secure relationships. If you have ruled out any physical problem then Frigidity can be helped with Hypnotherapy.

There is a type of hypnotherapy that can REALLY help with Frigidity and other sexual problems.

Pure Hypnoanalysis has helped countless people over the years. The aim of Pure Hypnoanalysis is not to 'control', or 'manage' the problem, the aim is to resolve it.

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