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man suffering fromObsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD cutting grass with sissors / exeter

OCD is the name given to a condition which is both obsessive and compulsive; the person has conscious or sub-conscious thoughts which create either recurring ideas (obsessions) or irresistible impulses to act in certain ways (compulsions), or both.

An obsession is an idea derived from a feared situation or event, and it sometimes arises out of a phobia.

Compulsions are actions that must be performed, even though they may not have any value in and of themselves. Compulsions often have a ritualistic character. The classic example of compulsive behaviour is repeated hand-washing, but touching rituals, counting sequences, checking, and many other ritualistic behavioural patterns fall into this category. A compulsion may be experienced as a command like "Go and wash your hands," or as a threat like "You will spread disease if you don't wash your hands."

There is a very special form of hypnotherapy called Pure Hypnoanalysis which has helped many thousands of people over the years with OCD. The aim of Pure Hypnoanalysis is not symptom control or trying to manage the problem, the aim is to resolve it.

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