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Many people have sexual difficulties at some stage in their life, simply because life brings with it pressures, stresses and anxieties that can interfere with this aspect of life. Many of these can be the result of fear of intimacy, anxiety or even hidden shame or guilt. A loss of sex drive is often linked with stress or anxiety.

As with all client problems, matters of this nature are always treated with the utmost care, sensitivity and confidentiality, and always with the understanding that many people find it difficult to talk about private matters.

The most common sexual problems I help with are:

worried about sexual problems

    both sexes

  • Addiction to Porn
  • Fetishes
  • Inability to orgasm (Anorgasmia)
  • Reduced Sex Drive/Lack of Interest in Sex

These are by no means the only problems though. If you do not see your particular problem mentioned I can still probably help you.

I have found that with the right empathy, understanding and non-judgemental help, the subconscious reasons for your sexual problem can be released, relieving your symptoms, allowing you to get on and enjoy life.

I always offer a free initial consultation in the first instance.
This is completely confidential and gives you a chance to meet me and be sure you feel comfortable working with me

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