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Social phobia (social anxiety or social anxiety disorder) is where a person feels a disabling fear or being looked at, or embarrassed in social situations which can eventually lead to agoraphopbia and even to taking alcohol or narcotics to boost confidence.

Essentially people suffering from social phobia fear being judged by others and it is one of the most common phobias around. It effects your confidence and self-esteem, your social life and can affect your work, particularly in meetings or training events or when answering the phone or meeting someone new.

Social phobia revolves around a fear of how others might see you, what they think of you, and feeling that whatever you're doing is getting noticed. Socially Phobic people often spend a lot of time worrying about what others think about what they said or did.

Some social phobics are very good at hiding the symptoms and their friends might even perceive them to be very confident! For some, it is only when they have to perform ie exams, tests, public speaking, theatrical or musical performances that they get the symptoms.

The following is a list of symptoms commonly associated with or caused by social phobia or social anxiety.

These feelings and symptoms are MOST likely to occur when the person feels put 'on the spot'.

If this effects your life greatly, it is important, as with generalised anxiety and panic attacks, to discover and treat the root cause of the phobia – it is quick and easy to take away a phobia but if you have not treated the root cause, this may result in the phobia returning or another phobia or anxiety-related symptom to be created.

The only way to truly get rid of a phobia and resolve it is to find and release the emotions that are causing the problem and by going through this process many many clients have changed their lives for the better.

Hypnotherapy, specifically, Pure Hypnoanalysis,aims to take away the distressing and disabling symptoms of your phobic response and treats the root cause of the phobia.

If it only affects you mildly and you just feel you need a general confidence boost for instance for an upcoming interview or speech, then clinical (suggestion) hypnotherapy can also help greatly.

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