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There are literally thousands of books and exercise videos, drugs and clubs. The trouble is that all these methods rely on willpower, which is why they usually fail in the long-run.

Will-power and complicated or faddy weight loss diets are just is not necessary with hypnotherapy for weight loss. This is weight loss without willpower needed.

Hypnotherapy is well known to be a tremendous help for people looking to lose weight and become slimmer and healthier!

lose weight quickly and easily | ExeterBy combining relaxation with visualisation and hypnotic suggestions we can replace and 're-programme' your poor eating or drinking habits with a weight loss diet of healthy eating and drinking. Many of my clients cannot believe how they do not have to rely on willpower, they just find they don't want to eat or drink the old bad choices, and the cravings are just not there anymore.

They notice the changes right from the first session. They find their desire to eat and drink the good healthy options increases by the day, and the amount they eat decreases, and they quickly start to lose weight!

As we build with the next sessions, the changes can become more embedded.

My Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy Programme consists of four personalised sessions and a CD which can re-pattern your thoughts, attitudes and belief about yourself and your relationship with food to help you gain control of your eating and to lose weight easily; without having to rely on will-power.

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Each session is individually designed for you and your requirements that can re-programme your subconscious; changing the way it thinks and behaves which allows eating healthily to become effortless and a way of life and they weight loss follows.

You will also receive my complimentary Weight Loss CD which you can use between sessions as a booster and which will always be there should you need a quick boost in the future. It is your insurance policy! It is also available to buy as an MP3 download.

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