the different types of hypnotherapy
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there are three main types of hypnotherapy

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy (sometimes called Suggestion Hypnotherapy)
  • Analytical Hypnotherapy
  • Pure Hypnoanalysis (a unique type of analytical hypnotherapy only practised by members of the IAPH)

I am qualified in all three types of hypnotherapy.

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Pure’ Hypnoanalysis– a very special type of hypnotherapy taught by IAEBP (The International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy), one of the best methods in the world for treating emotional, psychological or anxiety-related problems

Pure hypnoanalsis is a very special type of analytical hypnotherapy and is the single most effective form of therapy available in the world today. It is a highly developed form of analytical hypnotherapy (sometimes called hypno-analysis). Hypnoanalysis, in its various forms, is practised all over the world, though only IAEBP Members, such as me, are trained to practice the amazing 'Pure' version.

Pure Hypnoanalysis allows you to quickly and easily resolve the bottled up emotions that were causing the symptoms, and the symptoms.

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Analytical Hypnotherapy is psychotherapy using hypnosis.

It is very effective in dealing with the more deep-seated problems that many people have such as anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, eating disorders and other psychological and emotional problems/symptoms.

It works on the rule of life that for every effect there is a cause.

An example would be a phobia. In a phobic, the person will have within them a fear, over which their conscious mind cannot make sense. To cope with this, their mind externalises this fear, attaching it to something, whether it’s an object or a situation, whether it is spiders, heights, snakes, open spaces, dogs, birds – anything and the person is unable to control how they feel.

If we were to use suggestion therapy in the case of a person who was afraid of open spaces, for example, we may indeed be able to help them in the short term, but their basic fear, the root cause, will still be there and will most likely attach itself to something else – symptom substitution. So now, instead of being afraid of open spaces, the person might, within a short time, become be afraid of enclosed spaces instead!

Analytical Hypnotherapy, seeks to find the root cause, rather than just removing a symptom of it. Once the root fear is removed, it becomes powerless and therefore disappears bringing about lasting and amazing change.

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When you hear the term ‘hypnotherapy’ used it is usually referring to this type of therapy. You are guided into a lovely, calm light hypnotic state, where you are fully in control - but nice and relaxed.

You are then given suggestions that will affect your behaviour/feelings once you are out of the hypnotic state.

These suggestions, when absorbed by the unconscious mind, can enable a person to find it easier to do something they would like to do, or easier to stop doing something they no longer wish to do.

All suggestions given are always completely positive, and worded very carefully in order to get the very best results. This type of therapy session is ideal for smokers wishing to quit or stop smoking, a person suffering from pre-test nerves, someone wanting help with their driving test, some habits, weight loss or help with pain control - particularly for childbirth. Suggestion therapy can be as little as one session = stopping smoking for instance!