imprisoned by cigarettes

In particular, your BELIEF that you are addicted to smoking. This belief is one of the main reasons (amongst others) that you have found it difficult to quit. Many, many people, including drug companies, the NHS and even hypnotherapists try and treat the addiction but smoking isn't addictive  and I'll show you why in the hypnotherapy session). Smoking is a psychological habit! This is why it is so incredibly easy to give up using hypnosis.

I have never had anyone come to me to help them with an addiction to nicotine in the form of patches! Nicotine isn’t the problem, it is the habit!

In 1996 Dr Sandy Macara, the then chairman of the British Medical Association and a former smoker, wrote 'I don't accept that smokers are truly addicted to tobacco. I think they have a habit ... I believe the majority of smokers could stop tomorrow - no, today - if they really wanted to.'

Helping you to understand why all your great and important reasons for stopping smoking have not, so far been of much help to you

Understanding why these important reasons have not helped you to completely stop smoking before, is another KEY part of this wonderful Stop Smoking Technique.

At my hypnotherapy practices in Exeter, Torquay and Brixham I have helped hundreds of smokers to easily quit smoking using a very special form of Stop Smoking Hypnosis. These are normal people, like you, that by using hypnosis and hypnotherapy were able to do something amazing and stop smoking quickly, easily and effectively.

Understanding exactly how smoking works and the psychological motivations behind why you smoke is the KEY.

The other important and incredible tool for stopping smoking is the state of hypnosis and the amazing power of positive suggestion.

It’s all about belief – totally and easily changing your belief system about smoking in one session

A wonderful part of the session is the hypnosis bit. The session is supremely relaxing and we harness the power of your subconscious mind to make being a non-smoker not just easy, but also to feel absolutely fantastic in being a non-smoker and to find that you feel just right as a non-smoker without any reason or desire to smoke!

A few years ago the largest study ever conducted into stopping smoking was undertaken (in the U.S.A.) It studied everything from; will power, nicotine patches, positive thinking, placebos, chewing gum etc - and the conclusion was that: "most techniques turned out to be hopeless.

Hypnosis, however, came out as the most effective anti-smoking technique" I was trained in a very special Stop Smoking Technique seven years ago by Rob Kelly, one of the most successful hypnotherapists in Europe. I continue to update my training with him. The method we use has, over the years, shown an amazing 95% success rate! It takes just one session to stop smoking! The Session consists of a ‘talking’ part and a hypnosis part. This Stop Smoking Technique is VERY different to other approaches using hypnosis.

late night binge

There are literally thousands of books and exercise videos, drugs and clubs. The trouble is that all these methods rely on willpower, which is why they usually fail in the long-run. Will-power and complicated or faddy weight loss diets are just is not necessary with hypnotherapy for weight loss. This is weight loss without willpower needed.

Hypnotherapy is well known to be a tremendous help for people looking to lose weight and become slimmer and healthier!

By combining relaxation with visualisation and hypnotic suggestions we can replace and 're-programme' your poor eating or drinking habits with a weight loss diet of healthy eating and drinking. Many of my clients cannot believe how they do not have to rely on willpower, they just find they don't want to eat or drink the old bad choices, and the cravings are just not there anymore.

They notice the changes right from the first session. They find their desire to eat and drink the good healthy options increases by the day, and the amount they eat decreases, and they quickly start to lose weight!

As we build with the next sessions, the changes can become more embedded.

weighing machine

My Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy Programme consists of four personalised sessions and a CD which can re-pattern your thoughts, attitudes and belief about yourself and your relationship with food to help you gain control of your eating and to lose weight easily; without having to rely on will-power.

Each session is individually designed for you and your requirements that can re-programme your subconscious; changing the way it thinks and behaves which allows eating healthily to become effortless and a way of life and they weight loss follows.

You will also receive my complimentary Weight Loss CD which you can use between sessions as a booster and which will always be there should you need a quick boost in the future. It is your insurance policy! It is also available to buy as an MP3 download.